Sept. 12, 2017

                          SCHROEDER TOWNSHIP

      Minutes for Regular Board Meeting of September 12, 2017

Present: Supervisors, Tina McKeever, Bruce Martinson, Rick Anderson; Clerk Doug Schwecke; Treasurer Carla Menssen; and residents of Schroeder. Absent: Deputy Clerk Gale Ring, Fire Chief Phil Bonin, Commissioner Storlie

The meeting was called to order by B. Martinson at 7:00 PM.

T. McKeever moved to approve the agenda as presented. R. Anderson seconded. Motion carried.

R. Anderson moved to approve the minutes of Aug. 9, 2017 regular meeting as presented. T. McKeever seconded. Motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer Carla Menssen reported-Receipts for August totaled $609.72. Disbursements totaled $4,934.75. The ending checkbook balance, as of Aug. 31, 2017, was $80,940.41, and a Total Balance of $225,772.74. T. McKeever moved to approve the treasurer’s report as presented. R. Anderson seconded. Motion carried.

T. McKeever moved to approve claims for checks #4148-4171 in the amount of $9,828.61. R. Anderson seconded. Motion carried.

The Lodging tax debit slip for June in the amount of $4,266.02, was approved and signed. Carla reported that Tofte keeps 4% of the lodging tax, which is used for the 4th of July celebration. Carla will check with LTTA on any funds used to promote events in Schroeder.

Fire & Rescue: Phil absent. Clerk read a report submitted by Phil. No calls in Aug. At the next meeting, they will go over getting prepared for the winter/chimney fire season and check on equipment. Currently have 13 members. PERA has received our request to join the fire fighter retirement plan and everything is proceeding as planned.

Road and Bridge: The parking lot repairs are done, except for removing the pile of old asphalt. The R&B committee met on Aug. 22. Their recommendation was to sell the plow truck and terminate the lease on the MN Power maintenance building. First discussed selling the plow truck. Randy Merritt is just about done fixing a lot of minor repairs on the truck. Concerns were that the cost of maintaining and housing the truck outwayed the benefits of having the truck for the little we are using it. It is only used to wing back the snow when it gets too deep for our regular plowers. It keeps depreciating in value. Only one person is currently trained to use it. The positives for keeping it were it would be available when we need it. It was a great value for what we paid for it. It was decided to keep it for this winter and gather a more complete cost analysis on what it is costing us to use it and how much it would cost to hire someone to wing back the snow. We will reevaluate in spring. It cost us about $4,000 to lease, heat and plow the maintenance building. The Fire Dept. is not keen on using it for a water source due to travel time, road conditions and security access issues. They would rather use Tofte’s pumphouse or the pump at the main facility at MN Power. The water source was one of the main reasons for leasing. We would, however, lose the housing space for the plow truck. R. Anderson moved to give the required 60 day notice, as of today, to terminate the lease with MN Power for use of the maintenance building at the Fly Ash site. T. McKeever seconded. Motion carried. Clerk was asked to include a letter explaining our reasons and ask them to keep us in mind if conditions change.

Jason Peterson, Area State Park Manager, was present to inform us of improvements underway at Caribou Wayside Rest. It is a $650,000 project which includes adding 15 parking spaces, 3 oversize spots, a vault toilet, ADA accessible trail, and an expanded turn lane. It is hoped to be completed by Oct. 1.

Cemetery: R. Anderson moved to approve the sale of Lot 11, Block 26 in the cemetery to Doug & Dianne Schwecke for $100. T. McKeever seconded. Motion carried. Briefly discussed expanding the cemetery. It was decided that the present size is adequate for now.

Recreation: nothing

Maintenance: Karl has said he will not have time to get the Bob Silver sign and steps painted this fall and to find someone else if possible. T. McKeever moved to approve having Art Anderson or Dave Woerheide paint the sign and steps. R. Anderson seconded Motion carried. Bruce will contact them. T. McKeever moved to approve hiring Greg Vetter, or if he is not available, renting a small excavator to remove a stump and basketball hoop, and straighten the ball field fence. R. Anderson seconded. Motion carried. The water running down the wall in the fire station was due to a leaking toilet. It has been fixed.

Other Business: Nothing new with TSSSD detachment. The next meeting for TSSSD will be 5:00 PM, Sept. 19, at the Tofte Townhall.

Commissioner Storlie: not present

Public comments: none

Correspondence: Sent– snow plow contract extension notices, levy certification

Received  International Day of Peace Initiative, soil composting

T. McKeever moved to adjourn. R. Anderson seconded. Motion carried. Adjourned at 8:52 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Doug Schwecke, Clerk