Minutes for Regular Meeting of October 14, 2014


Present:  Supervisors, Tina McKeever, Roger McKeever; Treasurer, Alicia Kangas; Fire Chief, Phil Bonin; Commissioner Bruce Martinson;  Assistant Clerk, Gale Ring;  Greg Miron to present Father Baraga Park proposed final plans; residents of Schroeder.


Absent:  Supervisor, Deb Johnson; Clerk, Doug Schwecke; Fire Chief, Phil Bonin came in after Father Baraga Park Discussion was completed.


The meeting was called to order by T. McKeever at 7:00p.m.


The minutes of September 09, 2014.  R. McKeever moved to approve.  T. McKeever seconded.  Minutes approved.


Treasurer’s Report:  Receipts for October totaled $ $38,804.24.  This included the second half of the Taconite Tax.  Disbursements totaled $3,534.31.  Ending checkbook balance as of September 30, 2014 was $58,673.96.  R. McKeever moved to approve the Treasurer’s report.  T. McKeever seconded.  Treasurer’s Report approved.

Check 3381 for $195.00 was approved for last month additional claim that couldn’t wait for the October meeting.  Checks 3382 – 3403 for $24,303.21 were approved with T. McKeever making the motion to approve and R. McKeever seconding.


Lodging Tax debit slips for $3408.48 was approved and signed for this month.


Bruce Martinson:  announced that Kelly Schliep would work for the Cook County Highway at the West end.  Also mentioned that the Cook County Sheriff department has two new deputies: Russell Wood and Jesse Johnson.

Noted that the no net gain of public land was under discussion and that this effort was supported by B. Martinson.


SAHS:  told the board that the Minnesota Heritage assessment of the Cross River Heritage Center would be completed by March.  It is hoped that the Center will gain historic status which will make it eligible for additional grants and funding aid.

Next year’s exhibit will be north shore Resorts and cabins: Then and Now.  New board members, Bill Christ, Spencer Motschenbacher, and Mary Jane Huggins.


Fire and Rescue:   P. Bonin not yet arrived.  G. Ring stated that Phil had noted that there was no new business regarding the Fire Department at this time.  C. Muggley observed that the purchase of a snow blower for the front of the doors at the fire station might be useful.


Road and Bridge:    Snowplowing and road grading discussed.  Noted that the roads weren’t plowed wide enough by end of last winter.  A Request was made that guidelines for plowing be written down so all know what expectations are when quoting price for plowing and what residents may expect for work.  Also requested a contact list for residents to call when there is plowing or other road concerns.  The website, currently being developed, may help with this.  Lavona Czaplicki has a lot of experience with websites and C. Muggley suggested that as she had done website work for TSSD, she might provide help with the Schroeder website.  Recommended that she was smart and knew how to work inexpensively.

One snowplow quote only was received at the town meeting.  Board decided not to open.  Let Karl know that if the quote is no more than 5% over last year, we don’t need to go out for additional quotes.  Need Curt LaBoda’s quote for plowing the SugarLoaf Road.

Noted by G. Miron that the culvert on Skou road is raised up and needs to be corrected.  Requires something to level it.  Noted by C. Muggley that more gravel is needed on Skou and that it should be re-graded.   Also mentioned that Skou needs brush cutting along the east side in the spring.

  1. Martinson mentioned that road in cemetery has had the culvert corrected where it connects to the Cramer Road. L Lamb observed that the stairs that go down to look at the Cross River Falls are missing about 16 to 19 of its railings. Requested the township write a letter to MNDOT requesting replacement.  Also to stress in letter that we don’t want the steps closed.
  2. Lamb asked that the township write a thank you note to MNDOT for the swift set up of the bus stop signs up by the Nelson’s place near the Hansen’s gravel pit and also for the repair of the culvert at the cemetery driveway where it meets Cramer Rd.


Cemetery:   time to update the location of purchased and not purchased plots.  Also verify open plots as much as possible.  Trees around cemetery need limbed and the road that goes around the cemetery needs to be shifted back toward the trees.  Has the sludge been removed from the water tank?


Recreation:   G. Miron presented the final proposed design for Father Baraga Park.  Requested support of town board for improvements of the park.  C. Erickson who has worked on Scenic Drive council said that it is important that the town board show support for the effort.  A Statement of support would not commit the board or the township to the effort.  It would only show that all parties are interested in seeing what can be done for the park.  C. Erickson will draw up a resolution to be presented to the township board next month.  T. McKeever stated that the township went into this proposed idea of an improved park not wanting to spend money on it.   A letter from a seasonal resident was read expressing concern for repair, upkeep and maintenance of the park as well as the cost of the maintenance.  It was noted that the township has an erosion problem at the park and a water runoff problem.  The plan seems to address these issues.  B. Martinson concerned that the number of parking spots remains the same; no more, no less.  The question was raised regarding who writes grants for the township and who pays for the writing of these grants.  Suggested that there should be more community meetings regarding the park.

Discussion tabled until November when board will receive draft asking for approval for interested parties to get funding for park improvements.

Asst clerk asked to copy 52 page presentation and leave a copy at Temperance Traders and one at the Post office for residents to read.  Asked to encourage residents to call Tina McKeever to talk to her about their thoughts regarding the park.


Maintenance:    parking lot light keeps going out.  Clerk to contact D Rude to correct.       



Other Business:  Temperance Traders received approval to renew liquor license from the board.  T. McKeever made the motion.   R. McKeever seconded.  Renewal of the liquor license passed.  Asst Clerk to prepare letter and send to Auditor and give second letter to Temperance Traders.

Resolution was made regarding pursuit of Wanous cartway issue requiring $15,000.00 in earnest money.  T. McKeever made the resolution.  R. McKeever seconded.

Revised resolution was presented for the Superior National Golf Course.  T. McKeever made a motion to approve the revised resolution cooperative agreement between Cook County/Grand Marais Joint Economic Development Authority, Cook County, Minnesota and the Towns of Lutsen, Tofte and Schroeder.  R. McKeever seconded.  This revised resolution was made on October 14, 2014 with financial figures added in.

The Oct. 8 lake and Cook Township Assoc. meeting was lightly attended.  Of interest was the Lake County new highway engineer who stated that towns can get funding from the state to help with cost of replacing culverts.  She works with Cook County Engineer and both should prove useful resources for financial information.




  1. McKeever moved to adjourn at 9:00PM. T. McKeever seconded. Adjourn.


Respectfully submitted,



  1. Ring

Assistant Township Clerk