Rental rates for the Town Hall

Government:  $25.00

Non-profits: $25.00 donation suggested especially in winter to help                                  cover heating costs

Small groups not using kitchen:  $25.00 for Schroeder residents                                                                                                            $50.00 for non-local

Groups using kitchen:  $50.00 for Schroeder residents                                                                                                            $100.00 for non-local

Parties:  $100.00 for Schroeder residents, with certificate of insurance required                                    $200.00 for non-locals, with certificate of insurance required

* $100.00 security deposit required to hold reservation. This will be refunded if Hall is left in good order and trash is removed.

Board room is not available for use.


Total allowed capacity- 245

Dining capacity- about 120

Main hall is 46ft x 38ft, Stage is 13 1/2ft x 15 1/2ft,Kitchen 16ft x 10ft

Tips on Use of the Schroeder Town Hall

124 Cramer Road, Schroeder, MN.  Town Hall Phone 218-663-7559

For more information contact Deputy Clerk Doug Schwecke                              phone or text 218-830-0144        email: doug.schwecke@gmail.com

No smoking in any part of the building.


Be considerate of neighbors—reduce the volume of music after midnight!

Heat:  when not in use, hall thermostat is set on 55. Flip the switch to the left of thermostats to “OCCUPPIED” to turn on a heat/ventilation system set to 70 degrees.  If this is turned on 20 minutes before the event, room will be warm.  In below zero weather, allow more time for heating. Just remember to TURN IT BACK to “UNOCCUPPIED” WHEN YOU LEAVE.  Ceiling fans on low help keep the floor area warmer.

Building is not air-conditioned; ceiling fans will help on hot days.  Fan control is located to right of thermostats.  Blinds kept closed in summer keep the room cooler.  Keep blinds open on sunny winter days for SOLAR   heating—it helps!

Equipment in the hall includes nineteen heavy brown 72” x 30” folding tables, one shorter table 48″ x 30′; two 48” round tables;  nine long white light weight tables 96″ x 30″; four white light weight square card tables 34″ x 34″;  62 cushioned stacking chairs (dimensions: chair back from top of seat to top of back 15″; width of seat back 17 1/2″ x  depth of back 1 1/4″.  Height of chair from floor to seat top 18″ ; seat depth 16″ x seat width 16″ ).  There are about 100 metal folding chairs.

Oven electric range, three basin sink with spray faucet, dish drainer and tray, flatware drainer, refrigerator with freezer compartment, but NO dishwasher.

50 Cup coffee urn.  Brews full amount in about 30 minutes.  And two “Mr. Coffee” drip type coffee makers.  (We have learned the hard way—do not plug two large urns into the same outlet).

Three large (approx. 20 quart) stainless steel stock pots, one smaller one, a small oval roaster, six big mixing bowls.

80+ heavy stoneware 9” plates varying numbers of mugs, bowls, small plates, small glasses, several sugar bowls, cream pitchers; salt and pepper shakers.  Nine 60 oz. pitchers, 1 gallon pitcher.  Eleven thermal carafes.  We have no stemware.

LOTS of stainless steel flatware, miscellaneous spatulas, large spoons and other cooking utensils, can openers, accumulation of large plastic spoons and salad servers.

Bring your own sharp knives, serving spoons, platters, measuring cups, etc.  Also bring dishtowels and paper towels, and trash bags for cleanup.

All recycling, trash and garbage should be removed. A charge of $20.00 per bag will be added to rental if the town has to remove trash or garbage from the hall.

Users are responsible for cleaning any equipment that is used.

Tables and chairs must be put back where found.  No furniture may be taken outside without prior permission.

Lift tables and chairs—do not slide them—they will scratch the floor.

No nails or tacks in the walls, please.  Remove all decorations before leaving.

If you use the range, be sure to turn off all burners and oven after using. Please wipe out any spills that occurred while using the oven.

Please clean the restrooms if they have been used.  Cleaning supplies are in janitor’s closet.

If you turn on the heat in restrooms, be sure to turn it down to 40 degrees before leaving.

Users must sweep all floors.   Mop with warm water only if sticky.

Before leaving the building, turn the heat to “UNOCCUPPIED”; turn off all lights and fans.

LOCK ALL DOORS. Close all windows.  You need the key to lock the front door from the outside.

Return key to place where you picked it up or make arrangements with the Clerk.

Signed:  _____________________________________________

Date:  ______________________________

Schroeder Town Hall Rental Agreement

Name of Renter:

Purpose for which town hall is to be rented:

Number of people attending the event (approx):

Date(s) of rental:

Rent due:

Damage deposit due:            (will be returned when hall is left in good order)

Total amount due:

The Town Hall is located at 124 Cramer Road and is kept locked when not in use.  Keys  for use of renters are kept at Temperance Traders,  7759 Highway 61, about a mile east of Cramer Road, and at Superior Ridge Resort, 8041 Highway 61 about ¼ mile west of the Cramer Road.  Both of these businesses are on the north side of the highway.  Temperance Traders is closed on Sundays, but ask if the key may be dropped off there after hours.

For large parties, receptions or dances, a Certificate of Insurance must be on file with the Town Clerk prior to your rental date.  Have your home or business insurance agent sends us a certificate.

To guarantee your reservation, fill out the stub below and send it back to us with a deposit of at least half the rent.  Full fee is due two months before rental date.

If you have any questions, please call Doug Schwecke, Clerk at 218-663-7599 or email schroedertownship@gmail.com

———————————-Cut here—————————————————————

I________________________________, representing________________________do understand that my group and I will abide by all the rules set forth above and agree we are monetarily responsible for any damage to the premises during our use of the Schroeder Town Hall.

Signed:  _____________________________________________

Date:  ______________________________


[(Name) representing (organization if applicable)]


Phone (day) ___________________________________________________                                    (evening) _______________________________________________     Email___________________________________________________________

Rental Dates:  __________________________________________________

SEND THIS STUB with check TO: Town of Schroeder % Doug Schwecke, PO Box 60, Schroeder, MN   55613.  Thanks!

           Make Checks payable to Town of Schroeder