SCHROEDER TOWNSHIP                                                                                                          Minutes of the Annual Meeting of March 12, 2019

The Annual Town Meeting was called to order at 8:01 PM by Clerk Doug Schwecke

Clerk led the 17 people in attendance in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.

Clerk asked for nominations for a Moderator. Phil Bonin was nominated. Deonn Cicak moved to close nominations and cast a unanimous ballot for Phil Bonin. Rick Anderson seconded. Motion carried unanimously. Moderator Phil Bonin took over the meeting.

Rick Anderson moved to approve the agenda as presented. Greg Westigard seconded. Motion carried unanimously.

Commissioner Ginny Storlie was not present yet.

Mary Somnis reported on 2018 EDA projects. Nordic Star housing project in Grand Marais-8 houses completed, 5 sold, 4 already occupied. Four Directions Dwellings in Lutsen- 12 of 16 apartments on site, some occupied. Sale of 3 lots in Cedar Grove Business Park. Superior National Golf Course: operating revenue-$932,000, payroll (3 full-time, 40 part-time jobs) $410,000, about $65,000/yr in property taxes paid for development around course.

The minutes of the 2018 annual meetings were presented.

Clerk Doug Schwecke presented the annual Treasurer’s Report for 2018, prepared by Treasurer Carla Menssen. It showed a beginning balance of $238,618.81, receipts of $150,470.04, disbursements of $239,429.99, leaving an ending balance of $149,658.86. The Schroeder Business Development Revolving Loan Program showing a bank balance of $92,351.96, no outstanding loans, for a total of $92,351.96. The lodging taxes collected in Schroeder totaled $40,139.13. They have increased steadily, almost doubling since 2011.

Election results were announced showing Tina McKeever received 17 votes out of 17 votes for Supervisor. Carla Menssen received 17 out of 17 votes cast for Treasurer. Thank you to our election judges, Jan Dillon, LaVonne Anderson and Judy Gregg.

Rick Anderson presented the Road Report. Projects in 2018 included graveling Sugarloaf & Skou Rds. ($48,000), repairing and resurfacing Baraga Cross & Schroeder Tote Rds. ($79,660), brushing Sugarloaf Rd ($4,500) and regular maintenance projects. There will be a R&B committee meeting, (date to be determined) to help plan this year’s projects. Everyone is encouraged to attend.

Bruce Martinson reported on the cemetery. Projects for this year will be to fertilize and seed grass, bring some black dirt in to fill low spots and add a seasonal water line.

Recreation- Tina McKeever reported that some projects completed last year were turning the ball park into a dog park, with a doggie waste station purchased with money from The Great Race grant. We also started plowing the bike path to provide a walking trail for residents in winter.

Fire Chief Phil Bonin reported the Fire Dept. is now at 11 members. Last year there were 12 calls, the most ever. OSHA did a surprise check of the fire hall last spring. We were cited for out of date fire gear and lack of written safety programs. With a lot of paperwork and a substantial amount of money everything is currently updated. All the other departments in the county are also updating now before they get inspected. Will be looking into securing a grant to help replace the 1979 truck, as repairs are becoming a problem.

Phil Bonin also presented the Rescue Squad report. Last year there were 52 calls. They are looking at replacing their defibrillator, at a possible cost of $30,000.  They also have a search and rescue team of 5 members based out of Tofte.

Rick Anderson moved to set the time for the next Annual Meeting to be 8:01 PM March 10, 2020 at the Schroeder Town Hall. Art Anderson seconded. Motion carried unanimously.

Greg Westigard moved to set the Annual Election Poll hours at 5PM-8 PM for 2020. Rick Anderson seconded. Motion carried unanimously.

Gale Ring was nominated as Citizen of the Year. Rick Anderson moved nominations cease and unanimous ballot be cast for Gale Ring. Doug Schwecke seconded. Motion carried unanimously. Bruce Martinson moved to approve allowing the Township to spend up to $100 on awards in 2019. Rick Anderson seconded. Motion carried unanimously.

The 2019 Budget, which was approved by the Supervisors at the Feb. 12, 2019 Board meeting, was presented by the clerk. General-$43,500 (includes $1,500 of requests for support), Road & Bridge-$35,000, Cemetery- $2,000, Recreation- $4,500, Fire Dept.- $26,500, Fire Relief-$0, Rescue Squad- $10,440,   TOTAL- $121,940.  Estimated receipts for 2019 are $123,000.

Requests for Support for 2020

Tofte Township– is requesting $1,500 to help defray the costs for the 4th of July celebration and fireworks. This is the only request requiring approval by the voters, to set a maximum amount to be given. Rick Anderson moved to approve $1,500 to Tofte for the 4th of July celebration. Bruce Martinson seconded. Motion carried unanimously.

Deonn Cicak moved to table setting the 2020 levy until Aug. 14, 2019. Greg Westigard seconded. Motion carried unanimously.

Bob Salsen? from Hovland spoke in opposition to the proposed expansion of the Cook County Law Enforcement Center. Currently it’s a class 1 facility, good for holding inmates up to 72 hrs. The proposed expansion would be for a class 3 facility, good for holding up to 30 inmates, up to 1 year. Cost estimated to $5,000,000. Transportation costs have ranged from $225,000 in 2015 to $90,000 in 2018. The increased staff required to run the new facility would probably cost more than current transportation costs. Urged everyone to get informed and contact your Commissioner about this.

Citizen Concerns: Deonn Cicak spoke on upcoming SAHS events. With Schroeder being the first stop in Cook County, they are expanding their information booth with supplies and funding from Visit Cook County. Their main exhibit this year will be “Electrifying Cook County”. They can always use more volunteers. Clerk mentioned the township is seeking bids for lawn care. If anyone is interested, contact him.

Greg Westigard moved to continue the meeting until 7 PM, Aug. 14, 2019 at the Schroeder Town Hall, for the purpose of setting the 2020 levy. Rick Anderson seconded. Motion carried unanimously.

Meeting was continued at 9:00 PM.

Commissioner Ginny Storlie arrived right after the meeting was continued. She reported lodging tax keeps on increasing, which shows that tourism is increasing. March 21 townhall meeting on the law enforcement center expansion. April 10 townhall meeting on proposed vacation rental ordinance. The Local Board of Appeals & Equalization for Schroeder will be at the Schroeder town hall, 6 PM, April 9, 2019.

Respectfully submitted,

Doug Schwecke, Clerk

Phil Bonin, Moderator


                   SCHROEDER TOWNSHIP

Minutes of the continuation of the 2019 Annual Meeting

The meeting was called to order by Moderator Phil Bonin at 7 PM on August 14, 2019.

Clerk presented a projected budget for 2020. Working off this projection the Supervisors have recommended a levy of $50,000. Rick Anderson moved to set the 2020 Schroeder Township Tax Levy at $50,000. Gregg Westigard seconded the motion. During discussion of the motion Steve Schug asked that the Supervisors would consider financial support of some sort for Schroeder Area Historical Society. With that in mind, he would like to see the levy raised higher. Being no further discussion, the motion was called. Motion carried 6 ayes to 2 nays.

Moderator Bonin asked for any public comments.

Steve Schug wished to urge support for SAHS. Bruce Martinson suggested adding this topic to the Board of Supervisor’s regular meeting agenda, which will be immediately following this one.

Rick Anderson moved to adjourn. Second by Tina McKeever. Motion carried.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:20 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Doug Schwecke, Clerk

Phil Bonin, Moderator