Aug. 9, 2017


      Minutes for Regular Board Meeting of August 9, 2017

Present: Supervisors, Tina McKeever, Bruce Martinson, Rick Anderson; Clerk Doug Schwecke; Treasurer Carla Menssen; Deputy Clerk Gale Ring, Fire Chief Phil Bonin, Commissioner Storlie and residents of Schroeder.

The meeting was called to order by B. Martinson at 7:15 PM.

R. Anderson moved to approve the agenda as amended. T. McKeever seconded. Motion carried.

Chair Martinson explained that to keep the meeting moving along, comments from the audience would be limited to the public comment period at the end of the meeting, unless a Supervisor had a specific question for someone in the audience. This has been adopted by the Board previously and followed in the past with lapses from time to time.

T. McKeever moved to approve the minutes of July 11, 2017 regular meeting as presented. R. Anderson seconded. Motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer Carla Menssen reported-Receipts for July totaled $9,483.53. Disbursements totaled $4,135.34. The ending checkbook balance, as of July 31, 2017, was $85,320.83, and a Total Balance of $230,097.77. T. McKeever moved to approve the treasurer’s report as presented. R. Anderson seconded. Motion carried.

R. Anderson moved to approve claims for checks #4127-4147 in the amount of $4,934.75. T. McKeever seconded. Motion carried.

The Lodging tax debit slip for May in the amount of $2,288.95, was approved and signed.

Commissioner Storlie: Ginny reported that selection process for a new County Engineer is underway. The department head of Health & Human Services has accepted a position in another county so they will need to fill that as well. There will be a public meeting on the budget process on August 29. She will be hosting a townhall meeting on the levy, probably in Tofte, date to be announced. They have been updating the community wildfire plan. She said she has reported the missing and damaged signage on Cramer Rd., so it should be replaced shortly.

Fire & Rescue: Phil reported the last meeting was in July, the next one will be next Monday. Attendance has been very good. Down to 12 members, as Deb Johnson retired last month. 6 of the new members have completed Firefighter 102 classes consisting of 154 hrs. over 4 months. While we currently have a good crew, it’s hard to maintain roster levels where they need to be. Discussed the need to possibly raise the budget and/or other benefits.

Road and Bridge: Discussed snow removal contracts. T. McKeever moved to keep the current snow removal contracts for the upcoming season and to seek new bids next year. R. Anderson seconded. Motion carried. Rick reported he is looking into selling or replacing the plow truck. No recommendation at this time. Karl has started trimming the blind spots on Sugarloaf Rd. The parking lot repairs should be finished tomorrow, if the weather cooperates. The road committee will meet again on Aug 22, at 6 PM.

Cemetery: nothing

Recreation: Bruce contacted Lisa Kerr at the County about clearing around the dock at Dyers Lake. She will try to get a crew to do it.

Maintenance: The 2 eastern Welcome Walls have been cleared and planted to grass. Question arose about mowing around the end walls as well. The Road committee will look into it. There is water running down a wall in the fire hall mechanical room. Approved removing the lower basketball hoop and repainting the other one.

Other Business: Nothing new with TSSSD detachment, except that they have agreed to split the money as of now, with our portion available to help pay for detachment. Discussed Birch Grove Community Services appropriation request. It was felt that too many issues are still unresolved. No action taken.

Correspondence: Sent– letter in support of Lamb waste site, directory request

Received  Firewise report, soil composting, MAT District 10 meeting-Aug 24, thank you from Tofte(4th of July), refund from WEConnect.

Public Comments: Charlie Muggley had concerns with how the meeting has been run. He felt it wasn’t right for guests to have more time to speak than residents. Board discussed whether public comments should be allowed throughout the meeting or limited to a specific time and when that would be. Clerk was asked to rearrange the basic agenda outline as follows; move the Commissioner’s Report to after Other Business, and to move Public Comments to before Correspondence. The agenda can still be modified and approved at each meeting.

T. McKeever moved to adjourn. R. Anderson seconded. Motion carried. Adjourned at 8:35 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Doug Schwecke, Clerk