Jan. 10, 2017

                               SCHROEDER TOWNSHIP

      Minutes for Regular Board Meeting of Jan. 10, 2017

Present: Supervisors, Tina McKeever, Roger McKeever, Bruce Martinson; Clerk, Doug Schwecke; Treasurer Alicia Kangas; Commissioner Ginny Storlie, and residents of Schroeder.

The meeting was called to order by T. McKeever at 7:04 PM.

B. Martinson moved to approve the agenda with the additions of Board compensation and Lamb’s road report. T. McKeever seconded. Motion carried.

B.Martinson moved to approve the minutes of Dec. 13, 2016 regular meeting with clarification on motion approving the Schroeder Twp. Land Use Plan. R. McKeever seconded. Motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report: Receipts for December totaled $2,144.39. Disbursements totaled $6,644.65. The ending checkbook balance, as of December 31, 2016, was $66,950.41, and a Total Balance of $211,429.41. R. McKeever moved to approve the treasurer’s report. B. Martinson seconded. Motion carried.

B. Martinson moved to approve checks #3954-3973 in the amount of $7,291.64. R. McKeever seconded. Motion carried.

Lodging tax debit slip for Oct. 2016 of $3,820.43, was approved and signed.

Commissioner Storlie: reported that Commissioner Moe is resigning due to health issues. The special election to fill his vacancy will be June 6, 2017. In the meantime, the other Commissioners are dividing up his committee duties among themselves. At the end of Jan., they will be holding a long-term planning session for the county.

Fire and Rescue: Fire Chief Bonin was absent, no report. Clerk reported that Don Larson would not be able to do the tiling project in the fire hall until March. His estimate was about $2,500. T. McKeever moved to approve hiring Don Larson to do the tiling project in the fire hall. B. Martinson seconded. Motion carried.

Road and Bridge: Skip Lamb gave his annual trucking report for his solid waste facility on Cramer Rd., 36 truck trips over 11 days. He asked for our continued support to have Cramer Rd. upgraded to a 10 ton road. R. McKeever agreed that having it upgraded to a 10 ton road would be vital to attracting larger commercial businesses to Schroeder. Commissioner Storlie said she would try to get the county engineer to attend one of our meetings in spring.

Cemetery: nothing

Recreation: nothing

Maintenance: B. Martinson reported that the store room in the fire hall has been cleaned and organized. One load of junk has been hauled away, leaving much more room. There are many old cans of paint. Permission was given to remove them. (Bucks Hardware will accept old paint.)

Other Business: An email from Brenda Melin, Program Manager, Birch Grove Community Center, showed the senior lunch program served 1111 meals, 1/1/16-12/7/16. Income: participant donations-$5261, from Tofte & Schroeder Twps.-$4608. Costs: food, cook & administrative costs-$10508. After further discussion, R. McKeever moved to approve Resolution 2017-01, a resolution approving support in the amount of $2,750 for the senior lunch program. (attached) B. Martinson seconded. Motion carried. Discussed wording changes to the loan application for the loan program. Tabled to Feb. for B. Martinson to discuss terminology with banks. Filing for Supervisor and Treasurer positions close on Jan.17, 2017. Discussed compensation for treasurer and clerk positions. Currently at $13/hr. Lutsen and Tofte are both at $20/hr. While not a major consideration it was felt raising it might help attract candidates. Clerk to check on when compensation could legally be increased.  R. McKeever moved to raise the compensation for Treasurer, Deputy Treasurer, Clerk and Deputy Clerk to $20/hr., effective 2/1/2017, subject to legal clarification. B. Martinson seconded. Motion carried. T. McKeever moved to approve the list of Election Judges and Absentee Ballot Board as presented. B. Martinson seconded. Motion carried. T. McKeever moved to approve the 2017 meeting schedule as presented. R. McKeever seconded. Motion carried. Clerk presented preliminary figures for the budget for the Supervisors to look over. The 2017 budget will be set next month. The Board of Audit will be held following the Feb. meeting.

Correspondence: Sent– various year-end reports

Received RAMS annual meeting notice, USDA/Rural Development Community                                     programs, HEEP sheet, soil composting notice, MPCA proposed amendments


Public Comments: Clerk was asked to send a cover letter and approved Dec. 2016 minutes pertaining to the Land Use Plan to Cook County Planning & Zoning.

B. Martinson moved to adjourn. R. McKeever seconded. Motion carried. Adjourned at 8:47 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Doug Schwecke, Clerk


                                            Resolution # __2017-01_______________


WHEREAS, Minn. Statute 471.935, gives the Town Board of Supervisors authority to support services for a senior center, and;

WHEREAS, the Town Board of Supervisors find the expenditure of funds to be for a public purpose and in the interest of the Town;

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the Town Board of Supervisors approve the transfer of funds in the amount of $__$2,750.00__________ to W.E.CONNECT, to be used for

_____senior lunch program____________________________________ at the senior center at Birch Grove Community Center.   These funds will be transferred                                                __Feb. 2017_______________________________________.



YES          NO       OTHER

Supervisor Tina McKeever                                                                  _X__    _____    _____

Supervisor Roger McKeever                                                               _X___    _____    _____

Supervisor Bruce Martinson                                                               _X___    _____    _____


Adopted this __10_ day of __Jan.____________ , 2017.

                                                                                                            BY THE BOARD

Attest: __Doug Schwecke______________                      ___Tina McKeever__

Town Clerk                                                                     Town Chair