SCHROEDER TOWNSHIP

      Minutes for Regular Board Meeting of Dec. 10, 2013

Present: Supervisors, Tina McKeever, Roger McKeever, Deb Johnson; Clerk, Doug Schwecke; Treasurer, Alicia Kangas; Fire Chief, Phil Bonin; Asst. Clerk Gale Ring, and residents of Schroeder.

The meeting was called to order by T. McKeever at 7:00PM.

  1. McKeever moved to approve the minutes of Nov. 12, 2013. D. Johnson seconded. Minutes approved.

Treasurer’s Report: Receipts for Nov. totaled $16,844.31, which includes $16,740 of 2nd half property tax. Disbursements totaled $7,971.30. The ending checkbook balance as of Dec. 1 was $38,339.54. R. McKeever moved to approve the treasurer’s report. D. Johnson seconded. Treasurer’s Report was approved. Alicia asked if she should put some of the money into a CD. Supervisors asked that a cash flow projection be prepared to better answer that question.

  1. McKeever moved to approve checks #3172-3185 in the amount of $5,070.73. D. Johnson seconded. Motion passed.

Lodging tax debit slip for $2,355.13 was approved and signed.

Greg Miron asked that an update on the park plan be added to the agenda as the architect was here. Carlos Fernandez explained the design elements that went into the concept plans, and how they pulled everything together as far as prioritizing elements, costing, and funding opportunities. He also stated that it would be easy to pick and choose different projects as funding was secured. Plans and costs would be available for the Annual Meeting in March for the voters to decide on how to proceed.

Judy Motschenbaker and Diane Blanchette, representing Birch Grove Comm. School, asked the Board to consider the possibility of having BGCS relocate in Schroeder, possibly the Town Hall. When asked why they wanted to move from Birch Grove Community Center, they explained that they would rather not move, but needed to keep other options open. They just wanted to open a dialog and have the Township consider the pros and cons.

SAHS-Linda Lamb reported that their Christmas event was well attended and for the second year in a row, the winner of the quilt raffle purchased the winning ticket that day. Game night will resume on Monday evenings in Jan.

Fire and Rescue: Phil reported that it’s been cold and quiet. A safety meeting was held last night. They have been approved for a DNR grant to update equipment, probably new hose.

Road and Bridge: Bill reported that he has gotten a few complaints about sanding the roads. Options to improve service were discussed. They will look at buying chains for the plow truck.

Cemetery: Nothing new.

Recreation: Nothing new.

Maintenance: The problem with the furnace has been checked out and seems to be OK, same with the stage lights. Rental rates for the Town Hall were discussed. R. McKeever moved to raise the rate for large non-resident events from $100 to $200/day, and to leave the other rates as is. D. Johnson seconded. Motion passed. A letter from North Country Crafters was read asking for approval to donate four 8’ tables ($320) in exchange for 2 years rent ($100). D. Johnson moved to accept their offer of 4 tables in exchange for 2 years free rent for their craft fair. R. McKeever seconded. Motion passed. Clerk was asked to look into obtaining table storage carts.

Other Business: The Wanous/Dyer’s Lake cartway has been settled without our involvement. Gale Ring mentioned that Cook Co. Invasive Team was hoping that Schroeder would once again hold a community clean-up day. She said it was a big success last year and would help to receive funding for the program this coming year. The Board granted approval. MAT proposed a resolution supporting passage of a comprehensive transportation bill in the 2014 legislative session. After some discussion it was tabled pending more study. The Clerk mentioned that filing for the offices of 1 Supervisor and 1 Clerk would be open from Dec. 31 until Jan. 14.

Correspondence: Sent– DNR thank-you

                        Received-CCIT thank you, interim use permit notification from Cook Co. P&Z, North Country Crafters, Worker’s Comp. audit

  1. McKeever moved to adjourn. D. Johnson seconded. Motion carried.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:30.

Respectfully submitted,


Doug Schwecke, Clerk