Oct 13, 2015



 Minutes for Regular Meeting of October 13, 2015

Present:  Supervisors, Tina McKeever, Roger McKeever, Bruce Martinson; Treasurer, Alicia Kangas; Fire Chief, Phil Bonin; Commissioner, Ginny Storlie; Jim King, visiting Tofte Supervisor;  Assistant Clerk, Gale Ring; residents of Schroeder.Absent:  Clerk, Doug Schwecke

The meeting was called to order by T. McKeever at 7:00P.M.

The agenda of October 13, 2015 was presented.  B. Martinson moved to amend the agenda as follows: under Road and Bridge, discuss steps to correct and improve the N.E. corner of Skou Road by the substation; also, discuss pursuit of funding for township road improvement for roads leading to recreation areas through the State Park Road Account Program.  He also requested the word “comment” be struck from the discussion on Cook Count Land Use Plan.  This item found under “Other Business”.  R. McKeever seconded the motion.  Motion carried to accept October 13, 2015 agenda with the amendments as stated above.

Minutes of September 08, 2015 were presented.  R. McKeever moved to approve.  B. Martinson seconded.  Minutes approved.

Treasurer’s Report:  Receipts for September totaled $35,926.21.This included the second half of the Taconite Tax Credit.  Disbursements totaled $2824.59.  Ending checkbook balance as of September 30, 2015 was $81,720.31.  R. McKeever moved to approve the Treasurer’s report.  B. Martinson seconded.  Treasurer’s Report approved.

Checks 3641-3658 in the amount of $15,776.00.  R. McKeever moved to approve.  B. Martinson seconded.  Motion carried.

Lodging Tax debit slips for August in the amount of $5,799.97.  Debit slip approved and signed.

Commissioner Storlie: discussed Cross Boarders meeting.  This allows emergency services to cross boarders in conditions of emergency and to teach county government to operate in a state of emergency.  This effort was begun by FIMA and followed up by Cook County.  The county continues to work on streamlining the levy increases.  Highway committee meetings taking place with county engineer regarding use of state and federal aid.  Tax issues regarding vacation home rental by owner under discussion.  Cook County has replaced Columbus Day with Indigenous Day.  This is effective county wide.

Rescue Squad:  J. King, Tofte Supervisor asked Schroeder to consider contributing half of a stipend that has been offered to Tofte Emergency service members.  The stipend was begun in 2014 to help cover mileage costs and loss of time.  It is not meant to be a salary or a wage, but as a means of showing appreciation to the volunteers.  He reported that Tofte spent $4800.00 on the stipend in 2014 and asked if Schroeder would consent to contributing half the amount ($2400.00) for 2015 and the upcoming year 2016.  He also asked Schroeder to consider a look back to cover half ($2400.00) of 2014.  T. McKeever moved to approve Schroeder to pay half share of Tofte EMS stipend of $2400.00 for each year 2014 and 2015, the total of $4800.00 to be paid to Tofte in November 2015.  R. McKeever seconded.  Motion carried.

  1. McKeever made a second motion to pay 50% of the Tofte EMS stipend to add to the agreed regular rescue payment of $10,400.00. This amount to be paid in November 2016 per Tofte’s request as Tofte pays its EMS volunteers in December. R. McKeever seconded.  Motion carries.

SAHS:  no new business

Fire Department:  P. Bonin reported a good meeting on Monday.  The dept. has three new members for a total of ten members.  They cleaned up the fire hall.  A few calls were answered.  They are looking into PERA taking care of Fire Relief paperwork.  New laws are being reviewed regarding relief association, for example retired volunteers may return to volunteer status.  Purchased a new air compressor.  Discuss need for remodel of out of date bath and shower area.  T. McKeever to ask J. Wiinanen to come to November meeting to help form changes to meet community shelter needs as well as fire department needs.  T. McKeever suggested the regular November meeting begin at 6:45P.M. to allow time to tour the fire hall.  B. Martinson seconded.  Clerk to notify Cook County News Herald of the change in the meeting start time.

Road and Bridge:  Skou Road needs 2-3 loads of class 1 or 5 gravel on the N.E. corner by the substation.  R. Anderson offered to contact C. Laboda to go forward with the work.  B. Martinson offered to oversee the work.  Class 5 is preferred for the work but it is not available at this time.  T. McKeever made a motion to fix the N.E. corner of Skou Road near the substation with class 1 gravel, although 5 preferred if available, using 2-3 loads of gravel not to exceed $1500.00.  R. Anderson to contact LaBoda to do the work.  B. Martinson requested to oversee project.  B. Martinson seconded.  Motion carried.

  1. McKeever to talk to C. LaBoda about getting two loads of class 5 for use on Sugar Loaf Road.
  2. Martinson presented an opportunity for Schroeder through the State Park Road Account Program. The deadline to apply to the State Park fund is November 1. This program grants funds for construction of roads to access recreation facilities.  It requests a local match.  He mentioned that seventeen years ago, such funds were applied for 2” overlay on Skou Rd and Baraga Cross Rd for $13,950.00.  He has discussed the matter with the County engineer D. Betts.  A letter of support from the DNR and the Cook county engineer is required to apply for the funds.
  3. McKeever made a motion to authorize B. Martinson town supervisor to apply to State Park Road Account Program for three projects in Schroeder Township. 1. Prepare subbase and overlaying Baraga Cross Road; 2.  Prepare subbase and overlaying Schroeder Tote Road; 3.  Restore gravel surface on Skou Road. Authorize Board chair to sign the application.  B. Martinson seconded.  Motion carried.
  4. Anderson requested an open meeting to go over a five year plan for Schroeder Township Roads. This to be a working session. He was directed to give the clerk, D. Schwecke the date in time to get it into the newspaper ( reminded paper needs a two week lead)

Cemetery:  T. McKeever made a motion to sell two plots Block 20, Lots 7 & 8 for William and Kate Griffith to the children of William and Kate Griffith.  B. Martinson seconded.  Motion passed.

Recreation:  Karl Crawford to remove dock from Dyer Lake.

Maintenance:   Sewer line has been fixed.  Clog removed.  Karl has been asked to paint the outside steps and the walkway to the town hall door.  Suggested sand be added for better traction.    Treasurer, A. Kangas suggested that the steps and railing needed repair and improvement, and that a general improvement of outward appearances for the hall was in order.  Also the problem of the dark parking lot was revisited.  Supervisors directed clerk, D. Schwecke to have Karl look into replacing the railing for the outdoor steps and look into railing material.  They also directed the clerk to ask Karl to look into replacing the railing posts so that they are the proper height (to code).  Some of the posts will need replacing soon and some of them are too low for code.  Additionally, the clerk was asked to have Karl look into changing the light on the high outside corner of the town hall with an LED fixture and one that can be switched on and off when needed.

  1. Bonin mentioned that one of the lights in the fire hall was out. Clerk was further directed to contact Dave Rude and look into replacing the lights in the fire hall with LEDs as the lights and ballasts burn out.


Resolution continuation of requests for donation, legality and procedural issues:  Clerk, D. Schwecke was directed to post the requests for donation forms with the amendments from T. McKeever to the township website.  These forms will direct all donation requests to be in to the township supervisors by January 11 of each year to allow for time to review.

Resolution for financial support for Birch Grove School:  T. McKeever suggested postponing discussion of support of Birch Grove School as she is waiting for additional information from the MATT attorney.

Resolution for financial support for Birch Grove Foundation (WE Connect): B. Martinson made a motion to approve the Resolution recommending the town board of supervisors offer support for the development and implementation of a senior center by Birch Grove Foundation in the amount of $2500.00.  T. McKeever seconded.    T. McKeever and R. McKeever voted no.  B. Martinson voted yes.   The Resolution failed.

Other Business:  Land Use Plan received considerable feedback.  B. Martinson brought forward a concern regarding a change in the location of dog kennels in commercial areas.  He stated that the plan seems to allow kennels in areas near other commercial enterprises that would not be mutually beneficial.  T. McKeever to take his concern regarding kennel changes back to the committee as there could be problems as he stated.

Temperance Liquor request for liquor license renewal.  T. McKeever made a motion to approve renewal of the liquor license for Temperance Liquors.  R. McKeever seconded.  Motion carries.

Noted that minimum maintenance signs should be maintained at the bottom and top of the Sugar Loaf Road and at the gravel pit driveway entrance. Status of Sugar Loaf as Minimum maintenance road stands.  Note that for the November agenda the township should re-affirm the designation of certain roads in the township as minimum maintenance roads.

Barbeque benefit on 10/22 for the Birch Grove School held at township hall.


Letter requesting mileage of township roads.  Letter confirming no change sent to county.

Ballot for updating laws of the area townships association


R. McKeever moved to adjourn at 9:57PM. T. McKeever seconded. Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Gale Ring

Assistant Clerk