SCHROEDER TOWNSHIP

      Minutes for Regular Board Meeting of June 10, 2014

Present: Supervisors, Tina McKeever, Roger McKeever, Deb Johnson; Clerk, Doug Schwecke; Treasurer; Alicia Kangas, Fire Chief, Phil Bonin; Asst. Clerk Gale Ring, Commissioner Bruce Martinson, and residents of Schroeder.

The meeting was called to order by T. McKeever at 7:00PM.

  1. McKeever moved to approve the minutes from the regular Board meeting of May 12, 2014. D. Johnson seconded. Motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report: Receipts for March totaled $240.13. Disbursements totaled $4,960.28. The ending checkbook balance as of May 31 was $555.62. R. McKeever moved to approve the treasurer’s report. D. Johnson seconded. Treasurer’s Report was approved. R. McKeever moved to approve checks #3295-3311 in the amount of $4,115.26. D. Johnson seconded. Motion carried. R. McKeever moved to approve transferring enough money from our Money Market acct. into checking to cover this month’s claims, as the property taxes from the county are late this year. D. Johnson seconded. Motion carried.

Lodging tax debit slip for $643.74 was approved and signed.

Tom Spence, reported that the hospital board has received recommendations that now is the time to start the remodeling project for the hospital and long-care facility in Grand Marais. Permitting and design work would begin this summer, financing work this winter, and construction next summer. They plan on financing it with low interest federal loans, no bonds or tax increases. Open houses will be held later this summer for public input. The closest one will be at the Lutsen town hall, on Aug 23, from 9-11 AM.

Dave Betts, Sam Muntean, and Russ Klegstad from the County Highway Dept. spoke about the 5 year road plan and why Cramer Rd. wasn’t on it. It costs about 300-400 thousand dollars to rehab a mile of tarred roadway, and 1.1-1.3 million dollars/mile to reconstruct a 10 ton roadway, putting Cramer Rd. at about $8 million. They currently have about $1.5 million to spend/year. They will be brushing along Cramer Rd this summer, as well as spraying spots to control Dalmation Toadflax, another invasive species moving into the area.

Commissioner Martinson: Bruce reported they are still working with MnDot on rumble strips. Charles Laboda from Hovland is the new Planning & Zoning Board member.

Fire and Rescue: No fire calls, a few rescue calls. They completed cross training with the Tofte and Lutsen departments. Phil has been ordering new hoses and other equipment as part of a DNR grant.

Road and Bridge: Everything looks pretty good right now, with one small washout on Skou Rd needing to be filled in. Clerk was asked to check when Brad Anderson will brush Sugarloaf Rd. as some could be done on Baraga Rd as well. The beaver on Sugarloaf seem to be behaving so far. One culvert on Sugarloaf needs replacing.

Cemetery: Water tank needs to be cleaned before being filled, otherwise everything is good.

Recreation: Ball field is being used this year. The dock is in at Dyer’s Lake. Gale and Tina will meet with the Moving Matters grant committee on Friday to discuss the grant for an ADA picnic table for Harbor Park.

Maintenance: Telephone and internet has been changed to Arrowhead

Other Business: A community clean-up day is scheduled for July 10, lunch provided. Spraying for tansy will be on July 14. Some citizens concerned about the spraying. Angelique Edgerton will be asked to attend the next meeting. Clerk was asked to check prices on computers for the Fire Dept. and Clerk’s office as both are outdated and won’t work with the new fiber optic system.

Correspondence: Sent– Fire Relief reports

Received- MAT summer short courses (June 16-26), MAT member cards, NFS roads response

  1. McKeever moved to adjourn. D. Johnson seconded. Motion carried.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:27.

Respectfully submitted,


Doug Schwecke, Clerk