Schroeder Township

The regular monthly board meeting of Schroeder Township will be Tuesday June 8, 2021, at 7:00 PM, on Zoom (link below when available) 


Schroeder Township Preparedness Plan


Schroeder MN Township monthly meetings will be held online until further notice.

Any need for face to face meetings will follow State protocol with safe distancing and face masks.

The Schroeder Town Hall office will not be open to the public until further notice.

Any events scheduled in the Town Hall must abide by the State of Minnesota Guidelines found here:   https://staysafe.mn.gov



The Final Order in the matter of the Petition for Detachment of Property from the Tofte-Schroeder Sanitary Sewer District (TSSSD) has been approved. To view the Final Order click below:

Final Order-Tofte-Schroeder SD Detachment



The Annual Town Meeting is held the 2nd Tuesday of March each year at the Schroeder Town Hall, 124 Cramer Rd., at 8 PM. All interested parties are encouraged to attend and help decide on matters concerning your township. The Election of Officers is held the same day and place. Polls are open from 5-8 PM.


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