Oct. 11, 2016


 Minutes for Regular Board Meeting of October 11, 2016

Present: Supervisors Tina McKeever, Roger McKeever, Bruce Martinson; Treasurer Alicia Kangas; Fire Chief Phil Bonin; Representative of MN Power David Rannetsberger; Road Committee Rick AndersonAbsent: Town Clerk Doug Schwecke, Deputy Clerk Gale Ring

CALL TO ORDER –  by Chairman Tina McKeever at 7:00 P.M.

APPROVE AGENDA –  MOTION made B. Martinson to add the IRRRB Storefront Policy under Other Business, and move the MN Power Building Lease discussion from Maintenance to immediately after the Treasurer’s Report.  Second by R. McKeever.  Motion carried unanimously.

B. Martinson noted that the next board meeting will be held Wednesday, November 9, 2016, due to election day on Tuesday, November 8.

MINUTES OF SEPTEMBER 13, 2016 – MOTION  by B. Martinson to approve as submitted.   Second by R. McKeever.  Motion carried unanimously.


TREASURER’S REPORT – Receipts for September totaled $40,860.51.  Disbursements totaled $10,195.28.  The ending checkbook balance as of September 30, 2016 was $88,290.77.  The Total Balance was $232,664.91.  MOTION made by B. Martinson to approve the treasurer’s report as submitted.  Second by R. McKeever, and carried unanimously.

Expenditures –  MOTION by B. Martinson to approve October, 2016 checks #3888-3907 in the amount of $29,135.68, through October 8, 2016.  Second by R. McKeever, and carried unanimously.

Lodging Tax –  the July, 2016 amount was $6,102.79, which the board approved and the debit slip was signed for the transfer of funds to Lutsen Tofte Tourism Association.



Copies of the Building Lease were distributed to the board. Discussion followed of changes and highlights.  D. Rannetsberger and R. McKeever will arrange truck parking.  B. Martinson reported that the work session on the lease was productive and highlighted some changes: permission to use the bathrooms, shower, lockers, and break room was included.  The rent was reduced to $150 per month, since the town will be plowing access to the building.  The town will pay for propane; any major repair costs, such as road damage, will be borne by MN Power.  In the event of heavy snowfall and/or drifting, MN Power will bring in heavy equipment to remove it.  All the changes were made to protect the town.  General liability insurance was decreased to conform to the present insurance plan.  MOTION by R McKeever to sign the lease agreement dated October 11, 2016 with the current changes.  Second, by B. Martinson, and carried unanimously.  The end date of the lease is December 1, 2020, which can be re-signed.  Either side can quit the lease agreement with a 60-day notice.  The town will receive the rental bill every month.  Discussion ensued regarding the billing date, which is the 15th of each month as written on the lease.  General agreement by the board and D. Rannetsberger to change the bill due date to the last day of each month to facilitate board approval of payment at their scheduled monthly meetings.  Billing will begin December 1, 2016.  The changes were initialed by all concerned on the current agreement and the board signed the signature page. D. Rannetsberger will make the changes electronically and send copies to the board and town clerk.  The clerk will make a new file folder for the agreement/lease with MN Power. P. Bonin reported that he tried the drafting tank and it works OK, though slow, and he will need to tighten the fit. P. Bonin and Clerk D. Schwecke will confer on ordering locks. R. McKeever noted that two electric heaters will be needed for the safety of the main pumps, as the secure temperature alert gauge is set too low.

COMMISSIONER’S REPORT – V. Storlie was not present.

FIRE AND RESCUE DEPARTMENT – P. Bonin reported that the department had a meeting last night, with a good turn-out of 11 members.  He is in contact with 2 new prospective members.  Trucks and tires were inspected, and all were OK.  Tiling in the shower area is still pending for a response from D. Larson.  R. Anderson noted that a brush pile in the road ditch needs to be cleared; P. Bonin will take care of it.

He and W. Christenson checked locks on the MN Power maintenance building, and went through the pumphouse.  Discussion ensued regarding locks for the building.  P. Bonin stated that both Schroeder and Tofte fire departments have the current keys and phone numbers are posted on the building.  Further discussion continued about the numbers of locks, types, chain connectors, and switching locks every quarter for security.  P. Bonin will confer with D. Schwecke about ordering locks.

Amber Humphrey Fire Relief vestment issue – P. Bonin stated that he and C. Muggley  scrutinized the Fire Relief documents and bylaws, finding that Amber Humphrey does not meet vestment requirements.  Bonin and Muggley sent a report to the State and to Ms. Humphrey.

ROAD AND BRIDGE – R. Anderson reported that the parking lot repairs look good, with a couple of little sink spots.  B. Martinson inquired about asphalt patching.  R. Anderson stated that this is pending until continued work on the Gitchi Gami Trail is completed. When the new asphalt patching is done, the old asphalt pile will be removed. B. Martinson noted that the platform at the top of the town hall’s exterior stairs needs to be adjusted to prevent tripping.  Discussion ensued regarding whether to place a caution sign, how to smooth out the asphalt when the parking lot is patched, and how to prevent run-off and icing.  The board then went outside to inspect the site.  Further discussion included using fluorescent paint or reflective tape, and installing LED lights for improved visibility.  T. McKeever will contact D. Schwecke regarding this matter.  R. Anderson will continue contact with the asphalt contractor.

Sugarloaf Road – B. Martinson reported that the road looks great with a good crown, and a smooth, firm surface.  R. Anderson noted that the beaver dam is still an issue.  R. McKeever stated that the problem is on state property, and is not a township responsibility.

CEMETERY – B. Martinson reported that there is no change.  P. Bonin requested a new deed.

RECREATION – T. McKeever reported that the dock has been removed from Dyers Lake.  Discussion ensued regarding the culverts by the town hall and access to the ball field, including culvert material (steel or plastic), size, and depth.

B. Martinson reported on progress of the view finder at Taconite Harbor. Darryl Carpenter will do the prep and concrete work on the view finder pad, and handicapped parking will be addressed. Martinson expects the view finder will be ready for use by April or May, and an opening celebration will be held.

MAINTENANCE – P. Bonin reported that he expects a bid from Dave Rude for the lights.


1.The public hearing on the Schroeder Township Land Use Plan will be held on November 9, 2016 at 6:30 PM.  B. Martinson has sent an electronic version of the maps for the proposed plan to each committee member, however, changes were made.  T. McKeever will check with Cathy Johnson.  R. Anderson noted that “See attached map” should be included on the Land Use Plan document.  Discussion followed whether to use words as “Exhibit A, etc.  The clerk will make copies of the town map.

  1. Office of the State Auditor response letter was noted and will be filed.
  2. MAT L&R session held September 21 & 22 in St. Cloud – T. McKeever attended and reported that many legislative issues and rulings were presented and discussed.  T. McKeever noted that the session was very interesting and instructive.  The District 10 meeting in August addressed the issue of townships donating to charter schools, and the state-wide proposal to allow this donation was voted down.  MAT has now recommended a resolution specific to Cook County to facilitate township donations to a charter school, and then send through the L&R session. A Lake & Cook County representative is sending a resolution to Senator Bakk and Eklund.  L&R committee is working on sending the resolution through, though the time frame is unknown at this time.
  3. IRRRB Storefront Loan -new title is Schroeder Business Development Revolving Loan Fund. B. Martinson reported that the procedure and policy has been approved and the documents appear on the townships website.  A. Kangas requested defining the words “authority” and “administrator” on the documents.  B. Martinson will work on it.
  4. Association of Lake & Cook County Township Officers – T. McKeever reported on highlights of the meeting held October 5, 2016 in Beaver Bay: Lutsen is asking compensation for its fire department chief and members. The ALCCTO group generally agreed that the proposed compensation figure was too high. Finland and some other townships don’t have volunteer fire departments and are seeking options.  The group’s discussion included mail-in voting ballots among other matters.  The next meeting will be held May 3, 2017 at 6:00 in Finland at the recreation hall.

CORRESPONDENCE – The board reviewed all correspondence.

  1. Temperance Liquors –  liquor license approval correspondence was sent.
  2. Joanne Woytcke – letter of concern regarding truck traffic on Sugarloaf Rd. An explanation was sent by D. Schwecke explaining seasonal work, and that the township does not have control over this matter.
  3. OSA letter – discussed above.
  4. Fryberger / Buckman rezone request – Letter requesting change from commercial to residential zoning was reviewed by the board. A hearing will be held on October 12, 2016 at the Planning Commission meeting.
  5. SAHS 2015 Financial Statements – T. McKeever took the reports to review.
  6. Humphrey letter from Susan Weterlind, accountant, was discussed under Fire Department report.  Copy will be made for the Fire Dept. so C. Muggley has it in the files.

PUBLIC COMMENTS – P. Bonin stated that the new members applying to the fire department will have to be approved.  Definition of an active member will be refined, including minimum requirements of attendance at meetings.

MOTION by B. Martinson to adjourn.  Second by R. McKeever.  Motion carried unanimously, and the meeting was adjourned at 8:20 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,

Alicia Kangas, treasurer