Requests for Support

Jan, 2018

Dear Community Organization,

The purpose of this letter is to inform organizations within our community about legislation concerning receiving support from our Township.  (Please see the attached Contributions and Donations Policy).  Effective immediately, if your organization is requesting support from Schroeder Township for calendar year 2019, please fill out the forms and mail/email them to the clerk’s office by Feb. 10, 2018.  Any requests received after Feb. 10th will be considered on a case by case basis if it is determined that the organization’s circumstances are reasonable in their inability to meet the Feb 10th deadline.  The Board of Supervisors will review the requests at their Feb. 13th meeting and present them to the resident’s at the Annual Meeting in March.  The State places many restrictions on township appropriations, so the Board must review all requests for support prior to presenting them to the residents.

Please Mail requests to: Schroeder Township PO Box 60 Schroeder, MN 55613 or Email requests to:


If your organization type is in the following table, a Request for Support Form needs to be completed with your request letter and other pertinent documentation.  In addition, if your organization is a nonprofit providing social, recreational, or health services (MN statute 365.10, subd.14) you are required to fill out and sign the Nonprofit Donation Contract and send the contract and applicable proof of insurance with your request.  If your organization type is not in the following table, the township may not be able to support your organization.  Minnesota Statutes would need to be researched further.

Type of Organization


Artistic organization


Civil defense

County Fair

County Historical Society



Minnesota Statute


471.84; 471.24


38.12; 38.20








Information about each of these statutes can be found @


Senior or Youth Center 471.935

Non-profit providing social, recreational or health svcs 365.10, subd.14


To expedite the process this year, we have attached the following documents:

  1. Contributions and Donations Policy
  2. Donation Request Form – Application
  3. Non Profit Donation Contract

Thank you so much for your understanding and cooperation with this new policy and procedure.  Please contact Clerk Doug Schwecke with any questions or concerns.


The Town of Schroeder

Bruce Martinson, Chair

Tina McKeever, Supervisor

Rick Anderson, Supervisor


Request for Support Form

CONTRACT for Health, Social, or Recreational Services