May 9, 2017


Minutes for Regular Meeting of May 09, 2017


Present:  Supervisors, Bruce Martinson, Tina McKeever, Rick Anderson; Fire Chief, Phil Bonin; Commissioner, Ginny Storlie; Assistant, Clerk, Gale Ring; residents of Schroeder Absent:  Clerk, Doug Schwecke, Treasurer, Carla Menssen

The meeting was called to order by B. Martinson at 7:10PM after honoring B McKeever for 32 years of service on the Township Board.

The agenda of May 09, 2017 was presented.  R. Anderson moved to approve the agenda.    T. McKeever seconded.  Motion carried. 

R. Anderson moved to approve the April 11, 2017 Minutes of Board of Appeals & Equalization and the April 11, 2017 Minutes for Regular Board Meeting. T. McKeever seconded. Motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report:  Receipts for May totaled $423.38.  Disbursements totaled $9379.94.  Ending checkbook balance as of April 30, 2017 was $63,199.53. In all of the Township accounts, Schroeder has a total of $207,803.93.  T. McKeever moved to approve the Treasurer’s Report.  R. Anderson seconded.  Treasurer’s Report approved.   

Checks#4058-4071 and 4073-4078 in the amount of $2828.46. Check #4072 voided.  R. Anderson moved to approve.  T. McKeever seconded.  Motion carried

The Lodging Taxes for February 2017 paid this month in the amount of $831.13.

Three CDs totaling $68,682.38 are due this month. The Board directed the Treasurer to renew two CDs at their existing 90 day terms and the third to be renewed at its 12 month term.

Commissioner Storlie:  discussed mental health assistance in the county and its availability to residents.  Discussed process involved in Cook County when areas of the county not included in a township want to be added in to a township. When asked about the Sawbill Trail, responded that the County Highway department was aware of the problem.  Waiting for frost boils to finish.  Confirmed that she reminded D Betts regarding the bad dip on the Cramer by the Cemetery.  At this time no news regarding Taconite Harbor.

Fire Dept.:  C. Muggley gave an update on PERA.  D Andrews to work up new cost analysis based on one hundred dollar increments.  PERA has updated info. Plan is to submit the request later in the year.  R. Anderson made a motion that the PERA cost analysis request be submitted and the move to PERA go forward; and authorized the Chair, B Martinson to sign it.  T. McKeever seconded the motion.  Motion carried.  Firefighters did a live burn drill.  Put in a lot of training hours this past week—146 hours.  One of the “new” radios isn’t working.  Will be sent out for repair.  False alarm at Bluefin.  The tiling in the fire hall bathroom is done.  Tiler didn’t want to put toilets or dividers back so Board asked assistant clerk to check with Karl and see if he would take the job.  C Muggley said that if Karl needs another set of hands, to call him and someone from the fire department will help. Need some sturdy hangers on which to hang the firefighting uniforms. Question asked regarding how bad the dead zone for the ARMER radio hole actually is.  Not good over the hill. Size of hole not real clear.  P.  Bonin has learned of a new system that will send pager info for search and rescue to the members’ smart phones.  Looking into that.

Road and Bridge: Board asked Commissioner Storlie to remind D Betts of County Highway Dept that the Cook County Road Sign on the Cramer at the Lake/Cook County line is folded in two and that the Sugar Loaf Road sign on the Cramer is still missing and the pole bent beyond use.  The Board also asked Commissioner Storlie to talk to Dave Betts to get signs, that Bill McKeever has been keeping, over to County garage.  There is still one stop sign at Aldinger’s.  Township heater brought in and should be plugged in up at the garage.  Thermostat will cause it to go on when needed.  Spare tire for the grader is at B. McKeever’s and should be stored on town property.  Culvert at the bottom of the Sugar Loaf needs to be fixed by MNDOT when they are working in the area after the ground is completely thawed.

Cemetery:  Grave thawer is still at B McKeever’s. Fire Dept. will tip tank and remove “goop” at the bottom before filling with water in time for Memorial Day Weekend.  B. Martinson remarked that the markers that have heaved up with the freeze and the thaw should be stamped down before the grass mowing season begins.

Recreation: The Dyers Lake dock is in.  Small library will arrive for installation next week.

Donation from Rick and Peggy Anderson for flowers for garden at Township Hall–$100.00.  Thank you.

Maintenance:   Roof leak being watched.  We’ve had additional rain, but so far, no additional leaking has taken place.  The asphalt in the parking lot of Township Hall may not be completed as early as expected.  The individual who had been working on this project has retired. B. McKeever turned in his Boardroom key.   It opens front door as well as boardroom.  R. Anderson kept it with the understanding that it is for his use; not to be given out to renters.  New coffee maker in kitchen courtesy of SHTA.

Other Business:  Embossed town stamp from” first” Schroeder has been in B. McKeever’s keeping.  He suggested township might want to put it in a display case in the boardroom.  TSSSD update:  Barb Gervais accepted Bruce’s resolution for the board of Managers of the TSSSD. R. Anderson moved to approve the Resolution 2017-### for the Board of Managers of TSSSD and authorized Chairman B Martinson to sign.  T. McKeever seconded the motion.  Motion carried. B. Martinson is taking the completed resolution to the Tofte meeting.  B. Martinson will ask for the detachment of Schroeder Township from the TSSSD.

No update regarding the Birch Grove Taskforce.  Board decided to table the Birch Grove donation request for community education, pending additional information.  They are waiting to get more information and financial numbers from the taskforce.  They received and noted two letters of concern sent from C. Johnson and L. Geillinger, residents of Schroeder regarding the request for funds for Birch Grove community education.

Taconite Harbor View Finder Dedication Ceremony will take place at the Harbor Tuesday, 5/23/2017 at 1:00 PM.  MNDOT, DNR and North Shore Scenic Drive Association will be present for the dedication.  R. Anderson made a motion requesting clerk D. Schwecke send a letter to Arrowhead Electric/True North requesting that they send out a telephone directory for customers of True North.  T. McKeever seconded the motion.  Motion carried.

Correspondence:  Sent:  letter of support-Anderson CUP

Received:  Arrowhead Electric letter; Centurylink underground line check reminder.

T. McKeever moved to adjourn at 8:15PM. R. Anderson seconded. Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Gale Ring

Assistant Clerk