NOV 2015


                Minutes for Regular Meeting of Nov. 10, 2015


Present:  Supervisors Tina McKeever, Roger McKeever, Bruce Martinson; Clerk, Doug Schwecke; Treasurer, Alicia Kangas; Fire Chief, Phil Bonin; Commissioner, Ginny Storlie; Asst. Clerk Gale Ring, residents of Schroeder.

Supervisors toured Fire Hall prior to the meeting to look at remodel options.

The meeting was called to order by T. McKeever at 7:03 PM.

The agenda for Nov. 10, 2015 was presented. B. Martinson moved to approve the agenda as presented.  T. McKeever seconded.  Motion carried.

 The minutes of Oct. 13, 2015 were presented. B. Martinson moved to approve the minutes of Oct. 13, 2015 as corrected. R. McKeever seconded.  Motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report:  Receipts for Oct, 2015 totaled $6,658.00.  Disbursements totaled $15,776.00.  Ending checkbook balance as of Oct 31, 2015 was $72,573.77. R. McKeever moved to approve the Treasurer’s report.  B. Martinson seconded.  Motion carried.  R. McKeever moved to approve checks 3659- 3673 in the amount of $14,340.91.  B. Martinson seconded.  Motion carried.

Lodging Tax debit slip for Sept in the amount of $5,797.38 was approved and signed.

 Commissioner Storlie: reported that the Commissioners met with Senator Bakk and discussed legislative concerns for the County, including out of home placements, mental health services, workforce housing, and bonding bills. The Commissioners continue to work on the budget. Right now they have it down to an 11.2% increase for 2016, which includes $220,000 of discretionary spending. Truth-in-Taxation meeting will be Dec. 1, 6 PM.

  1. Anderson asked for a letter of support from the Township for having a portion of the Gitchi-Gammi Trail groomed and open for snowmobile use during the winter. A letter of support from the Township was sent earlier in the year. After further discussion T. McKeever moved to reaffirm the Township’s support of having that portion of the Gitchi-Gammi Trail, running from the wayside rest in Schroeder to the Temperance River, be groomed and open for multi-use, including snowmobiles, during the winter. R. McKeever seconded. Motion carried.

 Birch Grove Foundation- Carolyn Koschinska addressed the Board wanting to know why the resolution to support Birch Grove Foundation with $2,500 was voted down at the Oct. meeting. Concerns mentioned by the Board, disarray of the board, personnel changes, why the need for more money every year, what the money will be used for specifically. After discussing these concerns the Board asked C. Koschinska to bring a new resolution to be considered at the Dec. meeting.

Supervisor T. McKeever will attend a meeting with representatives from the 3 townships and Birch Grove School to further clarify their request for support.

Fire and Rescue: No fire calls last month. Held a meeting last night and accepted 3 new members into the Fire Relief Assoc. Scott Pearson has resigned as secretary for Fire Relief due to moving away. Also discussed remodeling options for the fire hall.

Road and Bridge: B. Martinson moved to approve Resolution #2015-5, a resolution reaffirming the designation of Sugarloaf Rd. as a minimum maintenance road. R. McKeever seconded. Resolution was approved unanimously. B. Martinson presented a grant application for road improvements from State Park Road Account Fund. This would require a matching amount from the township. No date estimate on approval. 9 AM on Dec. 5, was selected to hold a work session/information exchange for public input on the Townships’s roads. T. McKeever moved to approve purchase of Township road maps showing specific location of culverts and bridges. R. McKeever seconded. Motion carried.

 Cemetery: Deed to William and Katherine Griffith for Block 20, Lots 6&7, approved in Oct, was signed.

Recreation: no new business.

Maintenance: Clerk had not been able to contact electrician about lights yet, but will before next meeting. Supervisors approved installing a mail drop box on the town hall. Discussed remodeling options for the fire hall. Decided to pursue moving a shower wall to allow enlarging changing room and then installing new floor covering. Clerk to get estimates. Other improvements for the town hall were tabled.

Other Business: Everyone was asked to look over Schroeder Township Land Use Plan and come back with any suggested changes to be presented at the annual meeting. R. McKeever moved to approve changing the payment dates for Resolution #2015-2 and Resolution #2015-3 from July, 2016 to Dec, 2015. B. Martinson seconded. Motion carried. Township is still waiting for final advice from MAT on donations. The new draft of the Cook County Land Use Plan is now in the hands of the commissioners. Supervisors approved donating some old photos to the Cross River Heritage Center.

Correspondence: Sent: letter approving liquor license for Temperance Liquors, gravel pit review

Received: Cook Co. School referendum letter, P&Z CUP, gravel pit review

  1. McKeever moved to adjourn. B. Martinson seconded. Motion carried. Adjourned at 9:40 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Doug Schwecke, Schroeder Township Clerk