SCHROEDER TOWNSHIP  

               Minutes of Regular Board Meeting of Oct. 8, 2103

Present: Supervisors, Tina McKeever, Roger McKeever, Deb Johnson; Treasurer, Alicia Kangas; Fire Chief, Phil Bonin; Asst Clerk, Gale Ring; Commissioner, Bruce Martinson, and residents of Schroeder. Absent: Clerk, Doug Schwecke

The meeting was called to order by T. McKeever at 7:00p.m.

Approval of the minutes of September 10, 2013 approved. D. Johnson moved to approve. R. McKeever seconded. Minutes approved.

Treasurer’s Report: Receipts totaled $307.42. Disbursements totaled $3,851.09. Ending checking account balance as of 10/01 was $43,347.20. R. McKeever moved to approve treasurer’s report. D. Johnson seconded. Treasurer’s Report was approved.

  1. McKeever moved to approve checks #3130-3143 and 3145-3153 in the amount of $21,744.29. (check 3144 was voided) D. Johnson seconded. Motion passed.

Lodging tax debit slip for July was $4053.75. Approved and signed.

Bruce Martinson: mentioned that there has been discussion that the rumble strips on the highway could be narrower which would be quieter for residents and still effective. Tofte’s cell tower will be a mono pole. He is encouraging a continuance of the septic ordinance discussion in the West End so more people can attend. DNR sent a handicap accessible picnic table for the FatherBaraga Park. ATV ordinance in Lake County Passed. All interested persons should watch for proper notice. Check the website.

Fire and Rescue: meeting next week. Como is hosting LP training and a dinner. Chiefs’ meeting is next Wednesday. On the 14th the new radios will be handed out. There are new pagers also. This is the result of grant money.

Road and Bridge: the culvert on Sugar loaf has been cleared. We will need a new culvert soon. Could cost as much as $4,000.00 with labor and material. Snow plowing bids to be taken in November. This includes bid for plowing of Sugar Loaf Road.

Cemetery: working on updating the inventory sheet. Water tank to be emptied and cleaned out. Wooden face on the planter to be repaired where boards had been damaged and no longer attached to the planter.

Recreation: dock has been removed from Dyer Lake. Port-a-lets to be removed on 10/20 or thereafter. (After MEA weekend).

Maintenance: Lights replaced by K Crawford. Faucet replaced in Ladies’ room. K Crawford to look at replacing light over outside door at fire hall.

Other Business: Temperance Traders requested the renewal of their liquor license. R. McKeever moved to approve renewal Temperance Traders’ liquor license D. Johnson seconded. Motion passed. Letter of approval was handed to Rick Anderson to take to Cook County.  Wanous /Dyers Lake Family Partnership Cartway Petition discussed. Board asked for input from B. Martinson. R. McKeever moved that further discussion be tabled for next meeting. D. Johnson seconded. Further discussion held for November meeting.

Gave approval to donate three blue upholstered chairs to the grown up library at Birch Grove School.

Father Baraga Cross Park will probably have a third phase public meeting. Hard costs will be received from the architect in or around March 2014. Request from residents to get information out to the residents of Schroeder regarding future plans for the park. T. McKeever reminded residents present that notices are posted in the local newspaper and the local radio. There are also postings of meeting dates at Town Hall and the post office and Temperance Traders.

Question of Baraga Road improvement raised by R. Anderson if park should significantly increase traffic on that road. Further comment that the brush is too close to the road. R. McKeever requested G Ring research and find out the measure of the easement on that road.

100 lb of ribs were served at the fund raiser for Birch Grove School. This fund raiser held in September.

SAHS celebrated its 10th year anniversary. Had a good turn out. Beer and Wine Gala went well with wine and beer donations from Temperance Traders.

Request that clerk add on agenda a discussion of whether or not town meeting agenda should and/or could be posted before meeting and sent to an email list of interested residents. Temperance Traders asked to be on that list.

Correspondence: Letter of thanks from Todd Campbell Dot for Schroeder letter of thanks for digging ditches beside HWY 61 deeper, Pipeline Awareness letter from COMO because Schroeder has underground tank and/or lines at Temperance Landing, Federated Co-op safety letter, Soil Composting Approval letter,

Letter to Planning & Zoning re: proposed septic ordinance, holding meeting in West End, Schroeder Rd. Miles letter to Cook County HWY Engineer D Betts

  1. McKeever moved to adjourn at 8:07P.M. D. Johnson seconded. Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,


Gale Ring, Asst. Township Clerk