May 14, 2019


Minutes for Regular Meeting of May 14, 2019

Present:  Supervisors, Tina McKeever, Bruce Martinson, Rick Anderson; Fire Chief, Phil Bonin; Commissioner, Ginny Storlie; Treasurer, Carla Menssen;  Assistant Clerk, Gale Ring. Absent:  Clerk, Doug Schwecke,

The meeting was called to order by T. McKeever at 7:10P.M.

The agenda of  May 14, 2019 was presented.  B. Martinson moved to amend the agenda as follows: under Other Business -discussion of Vacation Rental; under Recreation- .raise need to replace Jim Norvelle (deceased) as representative for the Catholic Diocese regarding need for maintenance work around Father Baraga’s Cross.  R. Anderson seconded.    Agenda approved with changes as noted above. 

R. Anderson moved to approve the minutes of April 09, 2019 regular township meeting and the Local Board of Appeals and Equalization. B. Martinson seconded. Minutes approved.

Treasurer’s Report:  Treasurer Carla Menssen  reportedReceipts for April totaled $556.22.  Disbursements totaled $14,884.10.  Ending checkbook balance as of April 30, 2019 was $53,329.77. In all, the Township accounts, Schroeder has a total of $145, 327.74.  R. Anderson    moved to approve the Treasurer’s report and to approve claims 4590-4611 for the amount of $5502.31.  B. Martinson seconded.  Motion carried.

Transfer of $4000.00 from Road and Bridge to Recreation to cover expense of plowing the bike path.

LTTA–no West End Lodging tax.  Per board’s request, Cook County Auditor continue transfer of funds directly to LTTA.

Treasurer Carla Menssen presented several strategies to increase interest earned by the township Certificates of Deposit and by the IRRRB funds.

R. Anderson made a motion to approve Option # 1 in Exhibit A (see attached) to earn more interest while maintaining flexibility in the township CDs. Also moved to approve Option #1 in Exhibit B (see attached) to improve IRRRB CDs earning power.  All IRRRB CDs to be long term to maximize interest earned until needed for local business loans.  B. Martinson seconded.  Motion carried.  The board thanked Carla for the additional research and leg work.

Commissioner Storlie: reported there will be road work at Two Island River Road and S. Shore Drive.  This season, boats entering county lakes will again be checked for invasive aquatic species in an attempt to slow down their continual spread.  A number of new hires have taken place in the county recently.  Commissioners reviewed many of the administrative and operating   procedures on the county level.  There has been considerable discussion regarding which county  meetings should be videotaped so that citizens of Cook County may have fuller access  to meeting content. R. Anderson moved to send letter to the County urging wider use of videotaping of County meetings.  B. Martinson seconded.  Motion carried. There will be more discussion regarding how to handle vacation rentals throughout Cook County.  Permitting was one suggestion offered.

Fire Dept.:  Full EMS program at Tofte.  Waiting for new defibrillator for the Tofte-Schroeder area.  Meeting last night.  Worked on pumping water.  Putting together a list of equipment needed – new, as well as replacement items.  One fire in Schroeder.  Home gutted, but the three township fire departments were able to put out the fire. Working on town’s old pumper.  P. Bonin working on DNR grant that is 50/50 for $5000.00 total. Also, searching for a buyer for the old truck parked outside but must go through the DNR system first.

Road and Bridge: County road bans have been lifted.  Township road bans lifted also.  Culvert on Sugar Loaf just down from the gravel pit drive is crushed and needs replaced.  Cracks need sealing on paved roads.  R. Anderson noted that four ton limits exist for Tote Road and Baraga Road because the two roads were built to four ton limit specs.  Learned that more timber hauling will occur involving Tote Road.  R. Anderson suggested weight limit signs should be placed on both  roads.  Baraga Rd. suffered under gravel hauling last year.   R. Anderson urged supervisors to consider replacing the weight limit signs especially in light of the recent work done on both roads.  Noted also that ditching needs to be done on Skou Road.  Raised question how to get roads graded.  Schroeder grader questionable.  Donnick grader out of area.  Suggested check with the LaBoda family business to see if they are scheduled for any forest road work in the Schroeder area.

Cemetery:  Pete Knudsen (spelling) hired to rake over grounds, apply fertilizer, and fill in sunken areas. Fire Department filled tank with water.

Recreation:  New doggie waste station to be installed in the Harbor Park area.  Thank you R. Anderson. Dock is in at Dyer Lake.  May need new tires next year.  Try to catch before they go in spring of 2020. B. Martinson asked Commissioner Storlie if she would find out through the Catholic church who their replacement is for Jim Norvelle who worked on maintaining the land around Father Baraga’s cross. The surrounding area needs work.

Maintenance:   The deck in front needs staining.  Art Anderson completed the replacement flooring in the foyer beneath the chair racks.  The back deck reinforcement work held up well over the winter.  Suggested asking Karl Crawford to install lattice work around the back deck’s lateral railing to make it is safer for children.

Other Business:  TSSSD detachment process continues to move forward.  Responses from the public was low.  Vacation home rental in Cook County to be discussed at County meeting at courthouse on May 28.  T. McKeever and C. Menssen attended the Lake-Cook County meeting.  The next Lake-Cook County meeting will take place on October 2. Tofte will host.

Correspondence: Sent:  Bike path plowing termination notice.

Received:  notice from the Office of Administration Hearings (TSSSD); MNDOT response to Hwy 61 speed limits (they will lower the advisory speed at MM74 and at Caribou R.), MN HOME Consortium; MN Dept Surplus Form; G&G pumping reminder.

R. Anderson moved to adjourn at 8:50PM. B. Martinson seconded. Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Gale Ring

Assistant Clerk